A737 improvements at Beith


After becoming a trunk road in 1995, the A737 became the responsibility of the then Scottish Office Development Department, who subsequently commissioned North Ayrshire Council to design improvements at four strategic locations in the vicinity of Beith:

  • Roebank Road
  • Beith Bypass Carriageway Renewal
  • Barrmill Road Roundabout
  • Head Street/ Wardrop Street Roundabout.

The Roebank Street scheme was constructed in 2002, while the design development for the three remaining schemes was progressed independently.

Designs for the Beith Bypass Carriageway Renewal scheme and the Barrmill Road Roundabout scheme were produced by Amey (on behalf of Transport Scotland), while North Ayrshire Council were responsible for the design of the Head Street/ Wardrop Street Roundabout scheme.

What's happening?

In order to identify the best strategic solution to address all of the identified issues, Transport Scotland took the opportunity to group the three schemes together. Amey were commissioned as our design consultant in August 2013, and were asked to identify a preferred option for improving the road network in the area to encompass the three schemes.

The preferred option for the A737 Improvements at Beith scheme was subsequently identified in March 2015. A public exhibition was held at that time to inform the public of our findings.

Draft Orders for the scheme were published on 2 November 2016, with representations to the scheme proposals submitted by 4 January 2017.

The Orders as Made became operative on Wednesday 9 December 2020, being the date that Notice of the Orders was given.


The A737 Improvements at Beith scheme involves the construction of a new single carriageway incorporating two new roundabouts and a dedicated northbound overtaking opportunity to the east of Beith. The proposals will improve safety for all road users by improving the geometry of the existing A737.

To promote active travel the scheme also includes a non-motorised user facility and incorporates a dedicated footbridge to provide safe crossing of the trunk road for pedestrians and cyclists.

Project benefits

When completed, the A737 Improvements at Beith scheme will provide new junctions at Head Street and Barmill Road by removing the existing sub-standard junctions. The scheme will improve traffic flow and help to enhance the road system around the town, bringing with it additional road safety benefits for all users.

Traffic management

The travelling public should expect some disruption to their travel times during construction.

Temporary traffic management measures are expected to be in place for the duration of the construction works.

Environmental impact

Environmental and geotechnical reviews to assess the impact of the scheme on the surrounding environment have been conducted and are being further reviewed and updated.

Made Orders

The publication of Made Orders for the A737 Improvements at Beith scheme is a major milestone in completing the statutory process for this important scheme.

What happens next

The Orders as Made became operative on Wednesday 9 December 2020, being the date that Notice of the Orders was given.

On 1 July 2021 the Scottish Ministers executed a General Vesting Declaration relative to the A737/A738 Trunk Road (Improvements at Beith) Compulsory Purchase Order 2020. 

Persons entitled to claim compensation in respect of any interest in the land are invited to complete the attached Claim Form.

Document library

Route Option Public Exhibition

We held a public exhibition to present the preferred route option on Friday 27 March 2015 at the Beith Community Centre, Kings Road, Beith, Ayrshire, KA15 2BQ.

Draft Orders

Draft road orders and accompanying Environmental Statement were published on Wednesday 2 November 2016:

Draft Orders Public Exhibition

A further public exhibition following publication of the draft Order Material was held on 11 November 2016 at the Beith Community Centre, Kings Road, Beith, Ayrshire, KA15 2BQ.

Representatives from Transport Scotland and our Consulting Engineers, Amey, were in attendance at both exhibitions to answer questions and receive comments.