Evaluation of rail projects

Transport Scotland has developed rail evaluation guidance. This will help assess the extent to which investments in rail projects in Scotland have been a good use of public money, including whether their transport planning objectives have been met. It  will also assist us to learn lessons for the planning and delivery of future rail projects.

The document was developed in consultation with practitioners and stakeholders to ensure consistency in approach, and outlines the stages which should be followed when designing and conducting an evaluation. This guidance will be updated regularly to reflect feedback received and learning from evaluations which Transport Scotland and other transport funders commission.

Evaluation Final Reports

The draft guidance was applied to the evaluation of three rail projects in Scotland.  The final reports for these three evaluations are available below:

The first two projects were Stage 2 evaluations (an in-depth study, several years after opening), and the last project a Stage 1 evaluation (high level assessment 1-2 years after opening).


To assist with the drafting of the guidance two workshops were held with practitioners and stakeholders, and a note of both meetings is given below:

For further information on the rail evaluation work please email Transport Research mailbox.