Borders Railway Baseline Study - Final Report

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Main Findings

1 Introduction
Report Structure

2 Background

3 Research Methodology
Household Survey
Control Area Survey
Business Survey
Panel Survey

4 Household Survey
Response Rate
Respondent Characteristics
Household Compositions
About Your Neighbourhood
Awareness of the New Line
Intention to use the Railway
Borders Railway and your life Choices
Your Household and Current Public Transport
Your Personal Travel
Travel Diary

5 Control Area Surveys
Response Rate
Respondent Characteristics
Dumfries & Galloway Control Survey Results
East Lothian Control Survey Results

6 Business Survey
Response Rate
About Your Business
Awareness of New Line
Advantages/Disadvantages of Operating in the Area
Plans to Relocate
Number of Employees
Employee Travel to Work Mode
Markets Served
Employee Travel in the course of Work
Recent Business Conditions
Impact of the Borders Railway

7 Panel Survey
Response Rate
Current Travel Behavior
Perception of the Borders and Midlothian
Anticipated Use of the Borders Rail Line

List of Figures and Tables

Appendix A: Borders Railway Household Survey

Appendix B: Borders Railway Evaluation Letter to Households

Appendix C: Borders Railway Evaluation Leaflet

Appendix D: List of Public Buildings

Appendix E: Newspaper Advert

Appendix F: Control Area Survey

Appendix G: Business Survey

Appendix H: Panel Survey

Appendix I: Households Survey Results by TierĀ 

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