Forth Replacement Crossing: Main Crossing (Bridge) Scheme Assessment Report Development of D2M Alternatives

Report on Scheme Development
October to November 2008


Bibliography and Workstream Timeline

1 Introduction
1.1 Background to D2M Option
1.2 Multi-Modal Base Case
1.3 Dual 2 Lane Configurations Studied
1.4 Development of Scheme Options

2 Description of D2M Options
2.1 General Arrangement
2.2 Functional Cross Section
2.3 Deck Type
2.4 Tower Forms
2.5 Approach Bridge Type
2.6 Foundations

3 Key Issues and Assumptions
3.1 Crossing Stays
3.2 Consideration of longer main spans
3.3 Live Load
3.4 Ship Impact
3.5 Other Issues

4 Assessment of Functional Cross Section Options
4.1 General
4.2 Alternative Functional Cross Section Arrangements
4.3 Assessment of options

5 Assessment of Deck Type Options
5.1 Single Box Girder
5.2 Twin Box Girder
5.3 Ladder Beam

6 Assessment of Tower Options
6.1 General
6.2 Mono-Tower
6.3 H-Shape Tower
6.4 Diamond Tower
6.5 A-Shape Tower
6.6 Assessment of Options

7 Assessment of Options for Approach Spans
7.1 Deck
7.2 Piers
7.3 Assessment of Options
7.4 Conclusion

8 Construction Methods and Programme
8.1 Construction Methods
8.2 Construction Programme

9 Durability, Inspection and Maintenance
9.1 Durability
9.2 Inspection & Maintenance
9.3 Lane closures for stay replacement

10 Preliminary Consideration of Anticipated Departures From Standard
10.1 Use of Eurocodes
10.2 Post-tensioned grouted ducts
10.3 Orthotropic deck stiffness
10.4 Ship Impact

11 Conclusions and Recommendations
11.1 Assessment of Scheme Options
11.2 Recommended Options for Further Development

Appendix A - Multi-Modal Base Case Drawings
Appendix B - D2M Feasibility Studies
Appendix C - Architectural Figures
Appendix D - D2M Scheme Assessment Drawings
Appendix E - Construction Programmes

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