Skills for low carbon Heavy Duty Vehicles (HDVs)

Transport accounts for 37% of total greenhouse gas emissions in Scotland, with Heavy Duty Vehicles (HDVs) accounting for 12.5% of these. Reducing and eliminating emissions by decarbonising HDVs is a crucial element of our response to the climate emergency. It will be essential as we strive towards the Scottish Government’s objective for Scotland to be net-zero by 2045.

This study, based on research, as well as engagement with those working in the HDV industry, provides a solid evidence-base to understand the skills that will be required to support the transition to low carbon HDVs. The report will help inform our thinking as we look to develop a workforce that has the necessary skills and, just as importantly, maximising any economic opportunities that arise, ensuring good green jobs and a just transition.

Transport Scotland will work with skills development and accreditation bodies, as well as representatives from the HDV industry, and enterprise agencies on how best to address the findings in the report.

Published Date 19 Nov 2021 Type Mode of transport Topic