Tier 2 SEA Environmental Report - A96 Dualling Inverness to Aberdeen

The second SEA Environmental Report detailing the outcome of the Tier 2 assessment was published for consultation on 11 May 2015. This consultation closed on 22 June 2015.


  • A96 Tier 2 SEA Environmental Report
  • A96 Tier 2 SEA Non-Technical Summary
  • Appendix A Response to Consultation Authority Comments on Tier 2 Scoping Report
  • Appendix B Policies, Plans and Strategies (PPS) Review
  • Appendix C Preliminary Assessment of 16 Improvement Strategy Options
  • Appendix D Preliminary Assessment Outcome Summary
  • Appendix E GIS Constraints Mapping (shortlisted Improvement Strategy Options)
    • Appendix E GIS Constraints Mapping (sections 3 - 6)
    • Appendix E GIS Constraints Mapping (sections 6 - 10)
  • Appendix F A96 Dualling Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) (shortlisted Improvement Strategy Options)
  • Appendix G A96 Dualling Landscape Review (shortlisted Improvement Strategy Options)
  • Appendix H Detailed Assessment Constraints Data Capture and Analysis Matrices (shortlisted Improvement Strategy Options)
  • Appendix I Detailed Assessment Matrices (Option Segments within SEA Sections)
  • Appendix J Detailed Assessment Matrices (Whole Options and Option B variants)

Published Date 6 May 2015 Type Projects Mode of transport