A9 Pass of Birnam to Tay Crossing


The project forms part of the wider strategy to upgrade the A9 between Perth and Inverness to dual carriageway.

The completed programme will provide safer overtaking opportunities and, as a result, road users will experience fewer vehicle platoons and convoys.

Impact on travel

Road users may experience some delays during the construction period. On completion the upgrade should have a positive effect on driver stress levels.

Environmental impact

There is expected to be a negligible or minor impact on local air and noise quality, mainly during the construction period.

The landscape and visual impacts are predicted to be of moderate impact with opportunity for mitigation and planting.

The driver experience will be enhanced with this modern and safer dualled arrangement. Pedestrian, cycle and equestrian access will be maintained and enhanced in some areas.

Community engagement

Community engagement is a priority with all of our projects. Working with those affected by the A9 dualling programme is at the heart of our planning and we regularly run engagement events to consult local communities, road users, businesses and individuals as our plans are progressed.

You can find details and exhibition material from engagement events below:

We held Public Exhibitions of the A9 Dualling proposals in June 2013 and June 2014 at various locations along the route. Further exhibitions will be held as the dualling proposals develop.

In addition to the exhibitions, since September 2013 we have hosted regular “drop-in” sessions in Birnam and Dunkeld. These sessions offer the community the opportunity to come along and discuss - on an informal one-to-one basis - any points or queries they may have in relation to the A9 Dualling Pass of Birnam-Tay Crossing scheme.

For more information on these drop-in sessions, please contact:

Keith Sheridan
A9 Pass of Birnam to Glen Garry Stakeholder Manager
E-Mail: keith.sheridan@jacobs.com
Tel: 07437 435 952 or 0141 243 8533

Postal Address: Jacobs UK Ltd., 95 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, G2 7HX

Previous exhibitions

We hosted an exhibition in January / February 2012 to give everybody the opportunity to see potential route options.

The exhibition boards are available in two parts:

Public exhibition boards part 1 (PDF, 3 MB)

Part 2 (PDF, 4.6MB)

See also the scheme leaflet (pdf, 2.8MB).

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