STAG Appraisal – Preliminary Appraisal Report - November 2021 - A9 - North Kessock to Tore study

Following publication of the Initial Appraisal (Case for Change) report in March 2021, this report presents the findings of the Preliminary Appraisal stage of the study.

It appraises the options generated in the Initial Appraisal (Case for Change) stage against a range of criteria to identify which those which offer best performance and are worthy of further consideration.

This takes account of objectives developed with stakeholders as well as technical criteria in line with Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG).

The study continues to consider the safety and operational aspects of the corridor and the junctions along with the strategic role the A9 plays for connectivity to the north of Scotland.

Published Date 10 Dec 2021 Type Mode of transport Topic