Evaluation report - Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2020

This report is the evaluation of the decade-long Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2020. It was informed by a number of initiatives led by Transport Scotland, which included engaging with Road Safety partners through workshops and questionnaires as well as through the Framework’s governance. The framework has been delivered successfully particularly though effective partnership working.

Note: See PDF version for Annex A. The PDF may not be fully accessible. Please contact roadsafety@transportscotland.gov.scot if you wish to request Annex A in a different format.


1. Introduction

2. Delivery of the vision

3. Delivery of casualty reduction targets for 2020

4. Delivery of Framework's commitments

5. Casualty matrix

5. Evaluation of governance

6. Further recommendations

7. Conclusion

Published Date 31 Jan 2022 Type Mode of transport Topic