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“There’s an app for that!” - Women’s Safety on Public Transport in Scotland

10 May 2024

This report arises from three-month internship building upon recommendations from our 2023 Women’s safety report.

Population and Household Location Choice Research

16 Feb 2024

A literature review and survey on how Physical Mobility and Digital Connectivity affect location decision for people and businesses.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Road Users - Summary Report of PRIME Road Trials 2020 to 2022

13 Jul 2023

Innovative road markings for motorcyclists, designed as Perceptual Rider Information for Maximising Expertise and Enjoyment (PRIMEs) were installed on the approach to demanding bends at 22 trial sites and two comparison sites across the West Highlands of Scotland.

Traffic Signs Amendment (Scotland) Regulations and General Directions 2022: Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment

23 May 2022

The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD) establishes directions and regulations relating to traffic signs and road markings.

Consultation on the use of Narrow Trenching in Scotland’s Roads

26 Mar 2019

An analysis and summary of responses received through the public consultation on the use of narrow trenching in Scotland’s Roads

Transporting Scotland’s Trade - 2018 edition

13 Dec 2018

A summary of statistics on Scotland’s key exports and imports and how they are transported to, from and within Scotland.

Social Research Handbook for Contractors

25 Jan 2014

The framework for engagement between Transport Scotland and contractors engaged in social research