Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2016

Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2016

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List of tables in the Statistical Tables Section


1. Infographic
2. Summary tables

1. Trends in the reported numbers of accidents and casualties
2. Reported Accidents
3. Reported Casualties
4. Motorists, breath testing and drink-driving
5. Comparisons of Scottish figures against those of other countries

Article 1. Casualty reduction targets: Scotland's Road Safety Framework to 2020

Article 2. Contributory factors

Statistical Tables
Reported Injury Accidents
Accident costs
Vehicles involved
Drivers and riders
Drink-drive accidents and casualties
Reported Casualties
Reported Child/Adult Casualties
Casualty Rates
Reported Casualties by severity, road type, geographical area
Killed and Serious casualties
Other reported casualties

Local Authorities and Police Divisions 2013

Local Authorities and Police Boundaries, 2008 - 2012

Appendix A: Calendar of events affecting road traffic

Appendix B: The collection of road accident statistics, and examples of forms that could be used to collect the data

Appendix C: Consultation with users and providers of road accident statistics, and reviews of the Stats 19 specification of the statistical publications

Appendix D: Definitions used in road accident statistics, and some other points to note

Appendix E: Local Government reorganisation and the Trunk Road Network

Appendix F: Frequency of use of values of most STATS 19 variables

Appendix G: The calculation of the likely range of random year-to-year variation in road accident and casualty numbers for Scotland as a whole

Appendix H: Illustrating the likely ranges of random year-to-year variation in casualty rates for local authority roads for each local authority area

Appendix I: Scottish Parliamentary Questions


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