What we have delivered

Since publication, the Scottish Government has delivered on a multiple key projects that make our transport system more accessible, available and affordable through the delivery of the four strategic priorities.

Aligned with the Strategy and ensuring public funds deliver best value for money on key infrastructure projects, in December 2022 we published the final summary report on the second Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2) which lays out our priorities for investment through 45 recommendations, of which 37 are already underway.

The vast majority of Transport Scotland’s activities and finances are focused on maintaining and operating our existing transport system that we all use every day, whether it be to travel to work, visit family and friends, access services, run our businesses or get our goods delivered. During the pandemic, the Scottish Government put in place financial support packages to help bus operators maintain and increase essential services as we moved through the COVID-19 Route Map, as well as support for ScotRail services and support for light rail in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

With over two million people - including all children and young people under 22, eligible disabled people and everyone aged 60 and over – eligible to benefit from free bus travel, Scotland has the most comprehensive concessionary travel scheme in the UK. As of end October 2023, over 98 million journeys have been made through the Young Persons Free Bus Travel scheme since its launch in January 2022 and we are currently undertaking an evaluation of the scheme.

Following careful consideration, in 2022 we transferred ScotRail into public ownership and, in June 2023, Caledonian Sleeper services were brought into public control. This has been a monumental change behind the scenes, including all staff transferred over to ScotRail Holdings, however services have been business as usual for day-to-day commuters and leisure travellers. Seizing on the opportunities to improve affordability, we have already been able to institute savings through trials including the Scotrail Peak Fares Removal Pilot running between October 2023 and March 2024. 

Taking each of the Strategy’s priorities in turn, we have undertaken and delivered a number of actions:

To reduce inequalities, we have:

To take climate action, we have:

To help deliver inclusive economic growth, we have:

To improve our health and wellbeing, we have: