Draft Orders and Environmental Statement - Tomatin to Moy - A9 Dualling

The draft Orders and Environmental Statement for the A9 Dualling Tomatin to Moy project were published on 18 May 2018. The Statutory Consultation Period closes on 29 June 2018.

Representations to the draft Orders, including objections, can be made in writing to Transport Scotland, by 29 June 2018 at the latest, to the following address: Director of Major Transport Infrastructure Projects Transport Scotland Buchanan House 58 Port Dundas Road Glasgow G4 0HF or by email to: a9dualling@transport.gov.scot.

Objections should state the name and address of the objector, the Order to which they related and the grounds on which they were made. Any information we collect in this manner will only be used by Transport Scotland to consider objections to the draft Orders.

Transport Scotland and their consultants AMJV will contact objectors with a view to resolving their objection if possible. Your information will not be shared with any partners for marketing which you have not agreed to.

Details of the Environmental Statement and draft Orders for the Project will be displayed at Public Exhibitions being held in Tomatin on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th June 2018.

Draft Orders

Environmental Statement

Published Date 18 May 2018 Type Projects Mode of transport